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Wouldn’t it be great to have someone by your side, in your corner, helping you along do the way?

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Hello, I’m Gwen!

Certified life Coach and Entrepreneur, I love nothing more than empowering people to turn their ideas and passion into reality. 

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked to strengthen Third Sector Organisations to deal with the many issues our society and world is facing by growing organisational capacity, diversifying income streams and developing strategies. Alongside I have coached, mentored and trained individuals to achieve their goals, find their purpose and take on more senior roles. 

I’ve had a squiggly career and when my son was my born, I started building a more flexible way of work for myself and my family. I have always done things a bit differently but I strive to make a positive impact and to be free from self-doubt, imposter syndrome and being undervalued.

My life and work experience as well as my qualifications means I have the skills to help you take the action you need to.

If not at my desk, then you’ll find me on my paddleboard, enjoying time with my family or out for a walk listening to books on just about anything - business, careers, work, life, art, adventures and more to help fuel my work and creativity.

​If you want to get in touch my email is:



Get in touch to learn more about how I can help, workshops, or making movement and creativity a part of your lifestyle.

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I was dubious of the benefit of coaching, however Gwen has really helped me work through some issues within my personal life and has also given me the confidence to push myself within work. Working out my values was imperative to give me the confidence to not only understand my values but to use them to my advantage, especially for my career. Since our session I have gained promotion within work and have worked on some differences I have had with a previous relationship breakdown. I highly recommend Gwen, her experience of dealing with life’s issues and also her extensive career experience ensures she is able to give balanced constructive advice that really helps. Thank you so much for your advice and pushing me in the right direction, you really broke down some of my mental blocks and have helped me at a crossroads in my life.